Patrick Poppet

Patrick Poppet, the brand of premium "poppets" (understand handbags) and accessories, was established in Fall 2017. During the year 2018 the trademark was registered. So a dream slowly come true. A lengthy process of developing prototypes and debugging of the smallest details followed. In the second half of the year 2019, the first author´s collection called the Black Diamond Collection was launched.

Lucie Kalousová, founder and designer ot the brand Patrick Poppet, works with the finest Czech leathers, using top quality leathers and components from Italy as well. All the leathers come from livestock. The skins have never been the primary raw material for which animals have been slaughtered! Instead, the pure geometric shapes of "the poppets" prevent wasting of leathers and reduce waste.

The brand Patrick Poppet bears the name of the capital city of Prague in its logo, because it is proud of its origin. Other distinctive elements are custom-made golden lining printed with logos and the stylish packaging of the products.

Designer of the brand

My name is Lucie. From sports management, destiny has taken me to events and PR for the world's most valuable, especially technological, brands. However, I have been increasingly attracted by the world of fashion and art, which resulted in the project about czech fashion and local designers called Czech Fashion Design. Full of inspiration and a need for inner freedom I have begun to create. And from that it was just a step to establish the label Patrick Poppet. I believe that "the journey is the destination". And to the question "Who is Patrick Poppet?" I like to answer a little bit mysteriously: "My inspiration. My love. Thanks to him I create. Thanks to him I live."