Patrick Poppet

| We do not make handbags, we create "the poppets" |

Welcome to #patrickpoppet, the brand of premium leather "poppets" (understand handbags) and accessories. The brand was established by Lucie Kalousová in 2019. In fall of that year, the very first collection called the Black Diamond Collection saw the lights of the fashion world. The limited Summer Edition brightened up the summer 2020. In the autumn of the same year, the variable 3x3 Collection was introduced. You can discover all these collections here.

In spring 2021 we introduced a new cooperation and a new project - Tereza Franc, the first Czech Madame Cognac & Champagne, has become the brand's ambassador. On this occasion, Lucie presented her author's paintings with Champagne caps or with leather scraps, for whose creation she got an inspiration during her stay in Luxembourg.

At Patrick Poppet, we work with full grain Czech leathers, using top quality leathers and components from Italy as well. All our leathers come from livestock! It means that the skins have never been the primary raw material for which animals have been slaughtered! Instead, the pure geometric shapes of "the poppets" prevent wasting of leathers and reduce waste.

It takes about 2.5 days of honest craftsmanship to create one "poppet". Yes, approximately 80 % of work, such as slicing, gluing, lining, ironing, edge finishing and so on, is handmade. Exactly as it used to be and the way we still enjoy it. The Patrick Poppet brand bears the name of the capital city of Prague in its logo, because we are proud of our origin. Another hallmark are custom-made gold lining with logos and stylish product packaging.

Designer of the brand

Hello, my name is Lucie. From sports management, destiny has taken me to events and PR for the world's most valuable, especially technological, brands. However, I have been increasingly attracted by the world of fashion and art, which resulted in the project about czech fashion and local designers called Czech Fashion Design. Full of inspiration and a need for inner freedom I have begun to create. And from that it was just a step to establish the label Patrick Poppet. I believe that "the journey is the destination"

And why handbags? Because every woman adores and wears them, like I do. In addition, I think it's something like our business card and at least one quality handbag should be owned by each of us. And why Patrick Poppet? Because, who would carry a handbag with my name :-)? Now seriously. Patrick is my son, my love, my inspiration and thanks to him, on maternity leave, I had the opportunity to establish the brand. The English word "poppet" only completes the meaning - he and "the poppets" are actually my darlings.