Patrick Poppet presents a new cooperation and a new project! We are honored that Tereza Franc, the first Czech Madame Cognac & Champagne, has become ambassador of our brand. On this occasion, Lucie Kalousová, Founder & Designer of Patrick Poppet, creates original works with Champagne caps (plaques de muselets), a frequent object of collector's passion. If you have your own collection of Champagne caps and you long for a unique work, then do not hesitate to contact us. She also upcycled leather scraps from creation of "the poppets" (understand handbags) for some of the paintings. Find out more here.


Three colors, three ways to wear. Cheryl in passionate burgundy, Harmony in earthy green and Electra in electrifying blue. It's up to you whether you wear "the poppets" from the latest 3x3 Collection over your shoulder, or thread the belt through a special "tunnel" to get a kidney bag, or you like it as an envelope when you run your fingers through the leather strap on the back and boost your look with similar color belt. Discover here.


Magic color. Perfect shape. Sharpened details. High Quality. Eye-catching beauty. Attributes of black diamond. Inspiration to create the Black Diamond Collection. Patrick Poppet's first collection of "the poppets" and accessories. Find out more about Joy, Hope, Desiree, Patricia and Glory here.


Enjoy the season with the brand new colorful edition of "the poppets" Summer Edition. Every piece is unique, only one piece from each was created. The bodies of these "poppets" were handmade especially for Patrick Poppet by artisans in Mexico, by traditional methods of weaving plastic strips into the custom-made wooden templates. You can choose from fifteen color versions. Be unique with Summer! Find out more here.

Patrick Poppet


The leathers we use for the creation of "the poppets" come from livestock. The skins have never been the primary raw material for which animals have been slaughtered.

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