Cross body "poppet" / "poppet" to hand

Joy is not only beautiful, and very feminine, but also practical and fulfills her name - it will bring you joy every day. Shortly, "joy is a perfection" (Honoré de Balzac).


Large unisex "poppet"

The name Hope means elegance and purity. So it is clear why this "poppet" is named so. We trust you will love Hope just like we do. And never lose hope. 


Clutch "poppet"

Desiree tends to be charming, confident and friendly. "Desire changes the world" (Leonard Cohen). So let Desiree change yours.


Weaved "poppet"

The name Patricia means noble, stylish or beautiful. One unknown author said, "You will never see the wonderful things that stand in front of you when you keep looking at the evil ones behind you." So from now just look at "the poppet" Patricia.


Keychain / Lucky charm on "the poppet"

In a word, Glory is unique. "True glory lasts for eternity" (Salvador Dalí). Perhaps even Glory will be like that for you.

Patrick Poppet


The leathers we use for the creation of "the poppets" come from livestock. The skins have never been the primary raw material for which animals have been slaughtered.

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